August 17, 2010

Kirra Tubes

Kirra time-line

  • Prior to 1840 — Kirra is not known by its current name and is rarely visited by white settlers.
  • 1840-1910 — The first white holiday-makers start to visit.
  • 1910-1920 — Holiday-makers increase, making Kirra a popular recreational beach area.
  • 1930s — The opening of the South coast road increases the popularity of the southern Gold Coast as a holiday destination. Camping was very popular for families because Kirra had a long beach and a low-lying dune system.
  • 1960-early 1974 — The Tweed River breakwaters combine with a series of low-pressure weather systems to result in serious sand erosion. This brings the high-water level to just below the coastal road.
  • 1970s — Big Groyne built at Kirra’s south end.
  • 1995 — 30 metres taken off Big Groyne to help fight erosion at Greenmount Beach.
  • 2001 — Start of Tweed River sand bypass project.
  • 2003 — Little Groyne completely buried in sand.
  • 2006 — Project launched by Griffith University Coastal Management Center to restore the beach
  • 2010 — Kirra remains a mere sliver of its former self but can still provide a perfect racing barrel on its day.


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