December 11, 2009



We are busy editing the next few posts about the storm that hit during our stay on the gold coast, so here is some eye candy to feast on for the time being. COLORS ON THE CRAFT is a short film featuring time lapse photography of art coming to life on Asher’s board. Stay tuned for footage and photos of the storm that rocked the Gold Coast and Northern NSW last May, proving to be one of the biggest storms of the decade flooding much of Northern NSW and carrying meters of beach out to sea and up the coast. We will also be sharing video of our adventure miles out to sea in search of perfect empty barrels in very sharky waters.

November 21, 2009


While on the Gold Coast we spent a day at the D’Arcy surfboard factory to check out the process of building a board and to find out how D’Arcy’s shop was named the most environmentally friendly facility in Australia. While there is still a need to develop greener materials used to build a board, D’Arcy shows that we can still take action now to ensure the cleanest outcome for the environment and our future. The factory is outfitted with various extraction fans and other technology to lower the toxic dust and floating fumes emitted in the manufacturing process. The air leaving the building is actually cleaner than the air outside and with just a 3% emission output, the factory is setting high standards for environmental responsibility and awareness.