December 4, 2009



Sand is of the up most importance to the many world class points on the Gold Coast and during the summer and fall months the sand bars can take quite a beating and change drastically. We witnessed such a change when one of the biggest storms to hit the region in decades came ashore and demolished the sand bars. We were lucky enough to get a few days before the sand was displaced and the wave know as Snapper Rocks disappeared completely only to turn into a mushy close out for months before the sand would regroup. Although this wasn’t classic Snapper, it was the one of the last days it would resemble anything of its normal shape for the months to come. Asher Pacey, Mick Fanning, Dean Morrison and friends took full advantage of the dark barrels before the storm hit and the sand disappeared.


November 2, 2009


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Entry 5: The Gold Coast

We headed back to Coolangatta where Asher lives to meet up with Josh Kerr who had some time off between WCT events. The waves were only small but there was hope on the horizon. We settled for a quick afternoon session and then assessed the situation for the remainder of the week and once again things were looking good in the forecast. stay tuned for video . . .

The gold coast of Australia can be quite a spectacle at times. Modern high rises dwarf the many palm trees and beach goers while surf shop after surf shop line the beach side streets filled with restaurants and shopping malls. One thing is certain, surfing is a major part of daily life on the gold coast and for good reason. The climate is subtropical with 287 days of sunshine annually, an average water temp of 72 degrees and enough world class point breaks and beach breaks to satisfy even the most seasoned traveler.
With a population of 482,566 in 2005, the gold coast is the seventh largest city in Australia and is also the most biologically-diverse city in Australia. Its vegetation ranges from mountain rainforest to coastal wetlands and is home to more than:

* 34 species of amphibians
* 323 birds
* 72 mammals
* 71 reptiles
* 25 species of fish

With so much diversity in such a small stretch of coast we were looking forward to checking out all the gold coast has to offer.

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